Nursing Theory Implications on Nursing Practice

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Nursing Theory Implications on Nursing Practice Ejaz N. Jafri Chamberlain College of Nursing

Nursing theory is a set of concepts and ideas that establishes a relationship between different aspects of nursing evidence gained over time thus imparting deeper understanding of the philosophy of care. Unlike other disciplinary theories, nursing theories were developed and formulated by practicing nurses drawing from experiential pearls over a lifetime, thus nothing about nursing theories is theoretical its all about action and care. One nursing theory that is close to my heart is the middle-range Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory (SCDNT), comprising of three sub theories explicates the role of a nurse in guiding, supporting, assisting and educating a patient towards a state of recovery, health, and well-being (Seed & Torkelson, 2012). This sequential journey will proceed with a general overview of what a nursing theory signifies, salient elements of the Orem’s General Theory of Nursing and their interrelationship, the emphasis this theory places on nursing leadership to carry out its goals of effective, consistent, and holistic patient care, and the insight gained about nursing theory in general, and Orem’s theory in particular after undergoing through this entire scholarly pursuit.
Section one
A theory which is an amalgam of interrelated ideas, is used to scrutinize and resolve a task at hand predictably, several theories can be in use simultaneously to look at the same problem so as to give a view of that problem from different angles. Theories can be used as a guiding principle to conduct research but this should be done only if one can visualize certain clear and tangible connection between an issue and the theory. So in essence a theory provide us an opportunity in understanding a
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