Nursing Theorist Essay

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Dr. Imogene King’s conceptual model and theory of goal attainment details how transactions provide a frame of reference toward goal setting. Personal systems interact with interpersonal and social systems of human beings, providing a context within which we grow, develop, and perform daily activities. Dr. King’s work highlights the internal environment of human beings and how it is transformative, enabling them to adjust to continuous external environmental changes. Her work shows the dynamic life experiences of human beings, which necessitates continuous adjustment to stressors in the internal and external environment through optimum use of one’s resources to achieve maximum potential for daily living. Finally, it describes nursing as a process of human interaction; with the goal helping patients achieve their goals (King, 2007, 2008). . Dr. Martha E.Rogers’: Science of Unitary Beings has three central principles: helicy, resonancy, and integrality of the human being. Dr. Rogers’ work conceptualizes how a person’s environment is constructed of an irreducible, irreversible and pan-dimensional energy fields that evolve negentropically. A negentropic energy field is identified by a pattern of manifesting characteristics, whose sum is different from those of the individual parts and encompassing all that is other than any given human field. Dr. Rodgers proposed nursing as a basic scientific discipline using knowledge for human betterment. The unique focus of nursing is on the unitary or irreducible human being and the surrounding environment as energy fields rather than illness. The Unitary model seeks to promote symphonic interaction between human and environmental fields, to strengthen the integrity of the human field, and to direct and redirect patterning of the human and environmental fields for realization of maximum health potential (Rogers,1992). In

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