Nursing Student Care Plan

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Care Plan |Assessment (25 pts) |Nursing Diagnosis (15pts) |Planning (25pts) |Interventions (20 pts) |Rationale (5) |Evaluation (10 pts) | |Collects accurate, appropriate, and |Identifies diagnosis appropriate to |Identifies at least one (1) |Are individualized and appropriate |Identify scientific reason for |Identifies client response related to| |sufficient data utilizing TUDON |the corresponding assessment data. (3)|outcome for each diagnosis. (5) |for client. (5) |implementation for this patient. |outcome criteria for each outcome. | |“Comprehensive Client Health Assessment |Utilized NANDA statements. (3) |Written in terms of client |States who, what, when, how |(3) |(4) | |Data Base”. (10) |Appropriately identifies the related |response. (5) |included in each action. (5) |Document source, including page |Gives supporting data. (2) | |Provides adequate data to assess |etiology (3) |Realistic and individualized. |Identifies interventions utilizing |and author. (must include a |States goal attainment and need for | |functional health patterns. (10) |Appropriately identifies the |(10) |the following categories |reference page in APA format) |continued plan of care. (4) | |Correctly clusters data from health |supporting data/signs and symptoms |Includes Action verb, time, |(P-Preventive, T-Therapeutic, |(2) | | |history and physical assessment utilizing|(AEB) (3)

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