Nursing Skills Essay

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Reflection on Nursing Clinical Skill

The aim of this essay is to reflect on a nursing clinical skill (personal hygiene) between a service user and I which took place during my clinical placement. This work examines the nursing care that should be carried out to meet Mark (name changed to protect patient’s identity) personal hygiene needs. Mark is a 10 year old child with intellectual disability, frail and malnutrition. As I checked the Mark record, he has had skin problems before and need to special care for skin. I discuss with my preceptor about his usual hygiene routine to assess his ability to meet his own hygiene needs or if he has any religious beliefs which may affect his choice. As my preceptor explained to me that Mark preferred to have a bath instead of shower and he is very good to explain the things by signs during the bath. My preceptor recommends a therapeutic bath of 37°C temperature.
Before commencing the bath I ensure that all the equipment required is close at hand before starting. As I ask Mark may wish to use the toilet before having his bath. During the bath, I ensured that Mark’s privacy is maintained by keeping the door and curtain closed when undressing and bathing. I cleaned the bath tub before use to prevent cross infection. As Mark is 10 year old child with intellectual disability, frail and he will require nursing assistance throughout bath (Chandler 1991).
I used the good communication skills with the another nursing staff to get Mark into the bath safely. I encouraged Mark to do as much for himself as he is able as this promotes his self-esteem (Roper et al 1996). I communicate to Mark to find out whether he uses soap, bubble bath and if he would like his hair washed today. When I was bathing him under the supervision, it was a good opportunity for me to assess his skin condition, as he may be more at risk from developing
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