Nursing Shortage Essay

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Nursing Shortage This article describes how hard it can be to transition from a nursing student to a new graduate nurse. New nurses face difficult moments in their first year of practice in the acute care setting, forcing them to quit. Hospitals are creating measures to retain these novice nurses by implementing nursing training programs.

New nurses find the first year of work demanding and, because of this, contemplate leaving their employer early in their career. The findings in this article propose that the first year at work continues to be challenging for new graduates. The participants changed jobs during their first year, and others were sincerely considering leaving. This article delivers a comprehensive understanding of the motives for new graduate nurses chose to leave and defines approaches that may help in retaining this important group of healthcare providers.

New graduate nurses must learn to resolve the expectations held during nursing school with the stressful challenges of practice. When a new nurse is employed in an acute care setting, many challenges are encountered both by the new nurse and the facility. New nurse employment may take as long as three months, and another six months for the newly hired nurse to be able to perform the job independently. The investment, cost and time, into the hiring of a new graduate nurse is intense, therefore, every possible effort should be made to retain them. To replace or hire a new graduate nurse is expansive. “The cost associated with replacing a registered nurse range from $ 10,000 to $ 60,000 per RN, depending on the specialty”. (Huston, 2010)

Many hospitals developed a nursing program that is designed to assist transition new graduated nurses into the role of acute care bedside nurses. The program runs over months guaranteeing that the nurses become capable and

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