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NVT2: Task 3: Delegation

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Promoting Interdisciplinary Care

Interdisciplinary care is essential in continuing the continuity of care to the most efficient level. From the patient’s standpoint, it uses time more efficiently, can empower the patient with choices, and can serve clients with different cultural backgrounds. For the healthcare providers and care facilities it allows each specialty to effectively teach the client, maximize resources, promote preventative care, and continue the most effective continuity of care.
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W, the nurse practitioner, who is the leader in the plan of care, needs to be consulted in where the problem lies within this case. In this case, the nurse manager’s best approach would be to have a private meeting with the practitioner privately and then one involving all the experts. The nurse practitioner will need to evaluate which experts are needed for the specific needs of the client at the time. The meeting among the interdisciplinary team would promote effective communication. This would be the start of putting a plan together. Goals can be established as well as getting new suggestions about using outside community resources. There needs to be a viable outcome in order for the clinic to best serve Ms. R. and her baby.
Nursing Roles and Values: Delegation Page 3 Once the goals are in place, each individual needs to have their task made clear, along with a time limit on the outcome, maybe an email to reiterate the meeting sent to each staff member involved, and another meeting to follow up on the progress of this situation. Although sometimes there are clients that will not be compliant, there lies a responsibility within being a professional comes accountability in serving the
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The BRN can be contacted exclusively to your state laws. Additional questions or suggested information can be addressed. This is available to every nurse and alleviates the concern of whether you handled the situation correctly. It is better to be safe and proactive rather than wrong and liable. There are a variety of continuing education classes that can be accessed. For example, the American Nurse Association offers classes and continuing education units with a variety of topics. In particular there is a course on Developing Delegation Skills. ("ANA," 2010)
Delegation Opportunities The case study seemed to have many breaks in the chain of continuity but it displays a great opportunity for improvement. First, with Ms. W., as she is the ultimate leader in the case, she can gain insight on delegating help from the interdisciplinary team. These teams are valuable to preferable outcomes. Next, if
Ms. W needs help with delegation she may need better resources. These resources can be professional organizations, other peer members, the nurse supervisor, courses that provide information, and even the Board of Registered Nursing. All of which are readily available to the professional in the clinic. Nursing Roles and Values: Delegation Page

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