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* 1. -Intro 1. Why I wanted to become a nurse. 2. Why does it interest me? * 2a. -Description of work 1. What- “Administer prescribed medications, start I.V. fluids, noting times and amounts on patient’s charts.” 2. Where- “Care in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, private homes, group homes and similar institutions.” 3. Why-“Prepare patients for examinations, tests, or treatments and explains procedures.” 4. Whom- “Nurses assist doctors and care for patients in hospitals and other health care settings.” * 2b. -Job Duties 1. “Observe patients and chart and report changes in their conditions.” 2. “…such as talking taking temperatures or blood pressures, dressing wounds, treating bedsores, and performing cauterizations’.”…show more content…
-Personality 1. “Nurses must have concern for people’s well-being and be able to calm people who are scared or in pain.” * 3d. -Skills and interests 1. “Nurses must have good communication skills and be able to accept the responsibility and supervise others.” * 3e. -other 1. “Develops constructive and cooperative working relationships with others and maintains them over time. * 4a. -Qualifications 1. “Must summit certification of licensure status from all states in which licensure has ever been granted.” 2. “Must show proof of passage of an examination recognized by the Department of Professional Regulation.” 3. “A Bachelor’s degree will give you more opportunities.” 4. “Must show proof of graduation form an approval practical nursing program and meet all of the theory and clinical practice.” * 4b -Schools for this training 1. “Most occupations in this zone require training in vocational schools or an associate’s degree.” * 4d. -High school preparation 1. “Applicant has three years from date of graduation from nursing program to pass examination.” * 4e. -Common methods of entry 1. “R.N.’s usually take one of three education paths. They also have to become

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