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Computer Applications in Nursing Health Care 1 Computer Applications in Nursing Health Care Cristina Hartnett Saint Peter’s College Computer Applications in Nursing Health Care 2 In dealing with the improvement of computer skills among nursing students, nursing programs should begin by properly evaluating the general level of competency amongst their students. I believe that this can be achieved by designing a standard test that all nursing students are required to take. Based on the results, programs will then be able to set up their class curriculum accordingly. By doing this, students who may be lacking in their computer skills will not feel lost and students who are more knowledgeable can simply work on refreshing the skills they have already attained. Nursing programs are responsible for preparing students to be proficient nurses in every way possible, and given the constant developments in technology, this now includes a familiarity with computer programs, databases, bedside equipment, and other various forms of technology. Nursing programs should also evaluate exactly what skills determine whether a nurse is considered to be competent in the clinical setting. Specific standards need to be set up as to what is expected from students in regards to their computer skills upon completion of any nursing program. Whether these skills vary from patient charting to patient assessment, nursing programs need to find a way to familiarize students with the tools necessary for them to work to their full potential. This can be done by creating computer classes that involve more hands on learning because it is much easier to learn how to work with computers first hand rather than to just read about them. If nursing programs were to put the effort forward to improve the computer skills of students, many Computer Applications in

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