Nursing Reflection on Communication Essay

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INTRODUCTION A fundamental element to everyday life is human interaction (communication). This is evident by observation; a simple handshake (non-verbal), a conversation (verbal) and a letter (written) are all examples (Webb 2011). Communication is not just fundamental to daily social interaction but also professional duties. In nursing, effective communication is a necessity for achieving high-quality standards of care in clinical practise and obtaining an effective working relationship between professionals and clients (Sully and Dallas 2010; Dossey et al. 2013). Through daily interactions interpersonal relationships are formed. These can be based on social, cultural factors or common interests however professional relationships in healthcare are based on boundaries, trust and common goals to meet a client’s needs (Hoffart and Woods 1996; Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) 2013). A study conducted by Hughes and Seago (2008) suggests benefits of an effective professional relationship include minimised errors and increased client satisfaction. An essential component of a professional relationship which aids teamwork is communication (Hughes et al. 2008). Communication is a complex process that is difficult to define (Littlejohn 1989, cited in Fortner 2007, p.4). The Oxford dictionary states communication involves the ‘transfer or exchange of information’ and comes from the Latin stem meaning of communicate ‘to share’. However these definitions overlook the complexity of the interactions that occur between parties or the various methods one can employ to communicate, they simplify communication to an action with a designated purpose. A recommended definition of communication from Rosdahl and Kowalski (2008) is ‘the giving, receiving and interpreting of information through any of the five senses by two or more interacting people’. This definition reflects the

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