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634. Solids are classified into crystalline, amorphous. Ionic solids are an example of crystalline solids. Which of the following statement is correct about ionic solids. A. They have good conductivity in solid state B. They have low melting points C. They are soluble in polar solvents D. They have high vapor pressures Answer: C Explanation: Ionic solids are characterized by having poor conductivity, high melting points, low vapor pressures and high solubility in polar solvents. 635. Each atom has many electrons in radius around the nucleus. When electrons move from n=1 to n=2, where n=number of orbit, the radius of the orbit increases to: A. O. 5o A B. 1. 58o A C. 2. 1o A D. 3. 7o A Answer: C Explanation: The radius of 2nd radius, calculated by Bohr's model is 2. 1oA. 636. The rate of reaction is dependent upon many factors. Out of these, an important factor is the ionic character of the reactant molecule. As the ionic character increases, the rate of reaction: A. Increase B. Decreases C. Remains the same D. Becomes zero Answer: A Explanation: Increase in the ionic character is accompanied by an increase in the rate of reaction. 637. Charged bodies when brought close exert force on each other. This force is dependent upon the distance between the charged particles and the value of charge on the particles. If the distance between the 2 charged bodies is halved, the force between them becomes: A. Double B. Half C. Four times D. Remains constant Answer: C Explanation: The force between two charged particles is inversely proportional to the square of distance between them. So if the distance is halved, the force becomes 4 times. 638. The e/m value of cathode rays(rays of electrons) in a discharge tube is: A. 1. 6022x 1019 Coulombs Kg-1 B. 1. 7588x 1011 Coulombs Kg-1 C. 9. 11x 10-31 Coulombs Kg-1 D. 1. 0974x 107 Coulombs Kg-1
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