Nursing Professional Development Plan Essay

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Joalexis Nursing Professional Development Plan
While attending high school I always wanted to work in the healthcare field. I completed an emergency medical technician program at Valencia College. I started working at Florida Hospital Orlando (FHO) as a psychiatric technician in their behavioral health unit. While working at FHO I meet many nurses, I saw what they did, and desire grew on me to become a registered nurse. The path into becoming a registered nurse was a very confusing process for me because there are three entry levels of nursing, the bachelors science nursing (BSN) degree route, the associate degree (AD) route, and the diploma in nursing, which is basically a hospital based nursing school (Black, 2010, p. 60). After observing the available options and doing research of the three different programs I decided to attend an AD program at Keiser University. The reason I went this route was because in two years of nursing education it permitted me start working in the clinical setting as a nurse. On April, 2015 I graduated Keiser University Orlando, and on May 2015 I obtained my RN licensure from the state of
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Started working for Wyndham Resorts as a contract processor. While working, I started attending Valencia College in December 2008 I earned an Emergency Medical Technician degree, and later in September 2009 earned an Associate of Arts in General Studies. During 2011-2012, in order to start the nursing program I took nursing prerequisites classes. In September 2013, I switched schools, and enrolled at Keiser University Orlando. I obtained an Associate of Science, Nursing Degree on April, 2015 and on August, 2015 I started RN-BSN program. The motivation I possess to continue my professional nursing career has always been the need to increase my critical thinking skills, the personal satisfaction achieved when I complete my goals, financial compensation, as well providing excellent patient

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