Nursing Process Essay

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The Nursing Process
This paper will explore four peer reviewed articles from the ITT Virtual Library with the basis of the Nursing Process. The nursing process is said to be originally based on a nursing theory developed by Ida Jean Orlando. This theory developed as she observed nurses in action in the late 1950’s. Ms. Orlando observed two types of nursing, good and bad nursing. Nursing care continually needs to be directed at improving outcomes for the patient; not about nursing goals. From the observations, one has learned that the patient must be the central character. The nursing process is an essential part of the nursing care plan, and is really a lot simpler than it seems. All nursing personnel are required to take part in the nursing process, although the RN carries the most responsibility. It basically consists of five steps. Originally, Ms. Orlando had four, but through practical revisions over the past 40 years, one step divided into two and now there are five. Here are the five steps:
• Assessment
• Diagnosis
• Planning
• Implementation
• Evaluation

Clinical Reasoned Judgment and the Nursing Process
Introduction: Every student who enters a nursing program in the United States is taught the nursing process during the first semester. The nursing process is a conceptual framework that enables the student or the practicing nurse to think systematically and process pertinent information about the patient. This article states there are six steps of the nursing process, which are like a container with six chambers that are constant, six way interactions with one another. They enable the nurse to gather objective and subjective data about the patient, make a nursing diagnosis based on data, plan the care, implement the care, evaluate the care, and revise the care based on the results of the evaluation. Each of the steps of the nursing

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