Nursing Process Essay

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Nursing Process

Everyday nurses are faced with dilemmas that force them to make rapid decisions that have to positively affect the patients’ welfare and fix the problem. In order to this nurses use the nursing process to ensure proper and most efficient patient care. All nurses must have high levels of critical thinking skills in order to come up with the right decisions that solve the patients’ situation. The nursing process is a very simple method that breaks down into steps that help nurses execute patient- focused health care. The nursing process is much like the scientific method, but they also have some distinct differences. The nursing process consists of five different steps. Step one being the assessment of the patients well being, anything from physically, psychologically as well as even emotionally. Step two would include a nursing diagnosis, which would require the nurse to use her clinical knowledge to make the basis to a patients’ health care plan. Step three would be planning and the outcomes of the patient’s diagnosis, the nurse must do some rapid changes in the patients care to make sure they get treated. Step four consists of the nurses implementing the patients planned health care plan to ensure full recovery of the patient. Last but not least is step five, which incorporates evaluation of both the patients and the nurses’ health plan for the patient (“The Nursing Process”). Just like the nursing process, the scientific process includes five steps as well, with step one being asking a question for the problem being faced with. Step two consists of making a hypothesis to what is to what the answer to the question is Step two would be to develop a study design in order to solve the question Step four is testing the hypothesis with an experiment and analyze the data gathered to see if the hypothesis is. Step five is drawing a conclusion and

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