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MICHELE NUNNERY Personal Nursing Philosophy In 1873, Florence Nightingale gave the following advice to nursing students: Nursing is most truly said to be a high calling, an honorable calling. But what does the honor lie in? In working hard during your training to learn and to do all things perfectly. The honor does not lie in putting on Nursing like your uniform. Honor lies in loving perfection, consistency, and in working hard for it: in being ready to work patiently: ready to say not "How clever I am!" but "I am not yet worthy; and I will live to deserve to be called a Trained Nurse." My personal nursing philosophy is based upon the same ideals set forth by Ms. Nightingale. Regardless of ethnicity, financial status, disability, spiritual beliefs, or lifestyle choices, my mission in nursing will be to consistently provide safe, holistic, patient-centered care.. For me, nursing the ill or injured includes treating every patient as if they were your own family. Whether holding the hand of a fearful patient, helping them to understand the rationale behind treatment, or monitoring vitals and lab values, each step of nursing care is of equal importance. Each day, I will strive to be a better nurse tomorrow than I was today. My philosophy of nursing is built upon the foundation that each individual is unique. We all come from different backgrounds, cultures, religions, and upbringings. Every individual reflects upon their own existence and experiences differently from one another. I believe every individual has the right to be respected and their needs met on their own desired level. That is how I approach each patient that I meet and take care of. What do they need from me? How can I help them obtain their own personal goal? What is it that I can do to help them heal? In my opinion we, as a society, have lost the ability to

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