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Running head: Enhance Recovery After Surgery 1 The Nurses Role in the Implementation of ERAS Eartha Kay Hylton Walden University NURS 4021 Section 15, Organizational and Change Theory May 2, 2015 Enhance Recovery After Surgery 2 The Nurses Role in the Implementation of ERAS In 2015, Kaiser Permanente, Santa Rosa California implemented enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) on our general surgical unit. This is a multimodal perioperative care pathway that is utilized to assist the patients in early recovery after major surgery (ERAS society, 2015). This change theory relied on the participation of physicians and nurses to be successful. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the nurses’ role in the implementation of ERAS. ORGANIZATIONAL AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT With the assistance of two participating orthopedic surgeons, the nurses on 4 North were introduced to ERAS. This unit would act as the pilot unit for this new pathway. This small test of change done on the orthopedic unit was embraced by the nurses. Printed materials were distributed to the nurses and also posted in the common areas. ERAS teaching was also included in our monthly computer module, which consisted of reading the material with a follow-up test. The assistant nurse managers (ANMs) on each shift were available to answer questions and address the concerns of the nurses. The success of this change included the stakeholders’ involvement. It is important to identify the stakeholders because this allows a clear picture of the purpose of the proposed change, allowing for the facilitation and implementation of the change (Young, 2012). This change began with our orthopedic patients and later included our general surgery patients. The process started with teaching prior to surgery. The patients and their families were given a handout that described the

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