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| My Nursing Career | Annie Thomas | BSN 415 11 A | AMERICAN SENTINEL UNIVERSITY | | | My Nursing Career What does nursing actually mean? Why do people choose nursing as my profession? Who or what influenced their choice of nursing? To me nursing means care for patients, focus on illness, personal growth, professionalism and job security. I chose to make nursing as my care because of nurturance, benefits provided by the healthcare, more employment opportunities, and my interest in science. There was a practicing nurse among my family who influenced me to become a nurse. Back in India, one cannot change their profession if they have another. He or she cannot go back to school and continue their education. I am glad that I am able to go back to school to get my bachelors in nursing. Nursing careers could be stressful but the same time rewarding and satisfying. My nursing career has been a great success. My motivation for nursing started with my parents suggesting me to study for any medical related career. Honestly I did not know what I wanted to be after graduated from high school. I started my career with majoring in biology. They were the only ones to help me to complete my diploma in nursing. Moreover, my aunt was a nurse when I was in college. Because she was a nurse, she got a chance to move to a foreign country. My aunt used to visit me every summer and tell me stories about her nurturance. I loved to immigrate to another country and work there as a registered nurse. This helped me to set a new goal to become a nurse and choose nursing as my life long profession. I did not get a chance to complete my degree in nursing because I got married by the time I received my diploma in nursing. There were other parts of my life that motivated me to become a nurse. During my teenage year, one of the state rules was that most college students

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