Nursing Notes Essay

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Content Questions Week 8 1. Definition/example of health equality. GOAL is same care and treatment for all people. It is the highest level of health for all people. Value everyone equally. E.g. – ethnic/minorities have less access to health care. (p23) 2. Definition/example of health disparity Umbrella term –not equal spreading of benefits and burden. Anything that inhibits access to health care. E.g. working poor, ethnic groups. 3. Please describe and provide examples of teaching methods that can be used to facilitate learning. BASIC STEPS NURSING PROCESS TEACHING PROCESS Assessment Collect data about patient's physical, psychological, social, cultural, developmental, and spiritual needs from patient, family, diagnostic tests, medical record, nursing history, and literature. Gather data about patient's learning needs, motivation, ability to learn, and teaching resources from patient, family, learning environment, medical record, nursing history, and literature. Nursing diagnosis Identify appropriate nursing diagnoses based on assessment findings. Identify patient's learning needs on basis of three domains of learning. Planning Develop an individualized care plan. Set diagnosis priorities based on patient's immediate needs, expected outcomes, and patient-centered goals. Collaborate with patient on care plan. Establish learning objectives stated in behavioral terms. Identify priorities regarding learning needs. Collaborate with patient about teaching plan. Identify type of teaching method to use. Implementation Perform nursing care therapies. Include patient as active participant in care. Involve family/significant other in care as appropriate. Implement teaching methods. Actively involve patient in learning activities. Include family caregiver as appropriate. Evaluation Identify success in meeting desired outcomes and goals of nursing care. Alter
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