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Nursing Model: Jean Watson’s Caring Theory Gina Gessner
Georgetown University
Nursing Model 1
Watson’s model of caring was developed originally in the 1970’s and amended many times to the postmodern transpersonal caring-healing paradigm (1999) which is applicable to the practice of nursing and other disciplines (Fitzpatrick & Whall, 2005) . Watson believes that many concepts identified by Florence Nightingale and other leaders in nursing are still valid to modern clinicians and has adopted these traditional concepts into her caring model. Such themes include, “the view of the human as a valued person in and of him-or herself to be cared for, respected, nurtured, understood and assisted” as well as, “an emphasis on human-to-human care transaction between the nurse and person.” Fitzpatrick and Whall also explain that Watson believes both client and practitioner are to actively participate in healing and caring by, “experiencing the quantum energy fields conducive to healing from a spiritual, mystical environment” (2005, p. 297). Many of her concepts have a spiritual element that affects both the nurse and the client, allowing them to connect deeply and transcend the moment (Fitzpatrick & Whall, 2005).
Watson’s model can best be described in terms of the nursing metaparadigm. When describing nursing, Watson proclaims that caring is the “moral ideal” (1988, p.54). She explains that contact between two human beings can help the ill discover new knowledge that will assist with recovery and promote harmony. The nurse is involved in a partnership with the patient in the caring process in which the goal is intersubjectivity. Watson explains that because nursing is a human science, there are important moral, spiritual and metaphysical components and we can use our spirits to relate to others (Watson, 1988). In describing the person, Watson believes that the person

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