Nursing Metaparadigm (Reena Gill)

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Nursing Metaparadigm
Reena Gill

Nursing Metaparadigm
Nursing theorists create nursing theory based on their experiences, knowledge, and skills to guide nursing practice. Each theorist is unique and so is the theory. Nursing theories explain and predict the phenomena of concern in nursing. Nurses view nursing differently. This uniqueness leads the nurse theorists to explore the concepts of nursing the way they perceive reality in nursing, which creates an opportunity for nurses to develop their own theory. This paper describes how Peplau defines the four concepts of nursing metaparadigm: nursing, person, environment and health.
The focus of Peplau’s theory is nurse-patient interaction. This occurs when the nurse, as a competent expert, seeks to understand the meanings of the client’s experiences. Indicating that the theory of interpersonal relations is derived from the metaparadigm concepts of person and nursing. She describes nursing as a significant, therapeutic, interpersonal process. This entails three phases of interpersonal process: orientation, working and termination (Fawcett, 2000).
In the orientation phase, the patient seeks help and the nurse assists in order to understand the problem and the need for help. During the identification phase, the patient assumes the dependence, interdependence or independence within the nurse patient relationship. The patient derives full value from the nursing interventions in the exploitation phase. The use of resources and services are based on self-interest and needs. The power shifts from the nurse to the patient. It is important to recognize the success in utilizing the theory. The patient improvement is measuret by moving from the phase of dependence to independence during the nurse patient relationship the success in utilizing this theory (Gastmans, 1998).
Peplau defines person as a man

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