Nursing Leadership Essay

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Nursing Leadership: The Qualities and Roles of Nursing Educators
RN-BSN Student
Nursing 424-90 Nursing Leadership
April 30, 2014
Danielle D. Craig, RN-ADN

There are many different levels of leadership in the nursing field. To me you start out as leader in your first nursing job. New graduates may not see this at first, but give them a few years and ask them that same question again. As new nurses they may not be in a management position but that does not mean they are not a leader. New graduate registered nurses the leadership role starts with leading and delegating task to the license practical nurse (LPN) and Nursing assistants. There is also leading the patients to a better health. As new nurses you may not be in charge of a unit, but you are in charge of your patient caseload and the care that they receive throughout your shift. So weather your a new registered nurse graduate on your first job or an experienced registered nurse with years under your belt, all nurses or leaders. What is important is how we handle this leadership that has been handed to us once we become nurses.
As nurses we are not only expected to be leaders but good leaders. It is important that we understand this and strive to become good leaders. We as nurses are the voices of the patients. The soldiers in the trenches of healthcare advancement and reform. We lead the patients through illnesses by teaching them better ways to be healthy. Helping them to make plans to reach the goals they have set. We lead the families through the understanding of the illnesses their loved ones are going through and how they can work with their loved ones to promote a healthier lifestyle. We also lead other nurses to become better leaders and patient advocates. That's why as nurses weather new or experienced it is important for us to develop further in a leadership role and promote better healthcare

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