Nursing Leadership Essay

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Nursing Leadership and Management
Elizabeth Rowan
Holy Names University
February 14, 2008

In this document is a literature review of articles on leadership styles as applied to health care agencies and the nurse leaders and nurse administrators who work in them. The information acquired from the literature review is applied to the interview of nurse leader Anita Siegel, Deputy Director of Alameda County Public Health Department. Her leadership style is assessed and compared to the current literature. Introduction Leadership styles provide a variety of techniques to govern, direct, and inspire organizations and personnel. Different styles are appropriate depending on the situation of the organization and the personalities of the workstaff and leader. Because of the effects of leadership on staff, the style a nurse leader uses should be carefully chosen to represent both her personal beliefs and the beliefs of the organization in which she functions. Using this research, the author analyzed the leadership style of the nurse leader interviewed, Anita Siegel, Deputy Director of Alameda County Public Health Department. Matching her style of leadership to her position and activities, its effectiveness in her organization is assessed.
Review of the Literature
Gullo and Gerstle (2004) undertook a descriptive study to determine if transformational leadership had positive effects on the registered nursing staff in a facility undergoing restructuring. The impact on the nurses’ sense of empowerment and job satisfaction during the restructuring was measured using four different instruments: a demographic questionnaire, the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire, the Organizational Job Satisfaction Scale, and the Reciprocal Empowerment Scale. Based on an earlier study of transformational leadership by

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