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RUNNING HEAD: Nursing Knowledge Resources

Fitzpatrick suggests that there are two ways of knowing: through synthesis of information and through scientific process (2005). In the continuing evolution of the practice of nursing, peer-reviewed and evidenced-based resources are extremely important to the bedside practitioner. This paper will investigate Sigma Theta Tau International, a major nursing resource organization.

Founded in 1922 at Indiana University School of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International is the second largest nursing organization in the world. (, 2007) According to their website, the name of the organization was based upon the Greek words for love, courage and honor (para. 1)
The official website of STTI states the mission to be an organization that “provides leadership and scholarship in practice, education and research to enhance the health of all people. We support the learning and professional development of our members who strive to improve nursing care worldwide.” (para.5) Further, STTI exists “to further the vision of the honor society, which is to create a global community of nurses who lead using scholarship, knowledge and technology to improve the health of the world's people.” (para. 6)
Since Sigma Theta Tau International is focused on scholarship and leadership that will ultimately result in better outcomes for patients, their primary focus is on education for the bedside leader. This is accomplished through generous donations for nursing research in the forms of grants and scholarships. The organization sponsors conferences and educational opportunities. They provide peer-reviewed continuing education credits as well as Career Map ©, a career development service. Many journals and electronic newsletters originate within STTI and perhaps the most valuable asset of all

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