Nursing Informatics Essay

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Assignment Title : Nursing Information System TABLE OF CONTENTS TOPIC PAGE # OBJECTIVE 3 INTRODUCTION 4 THE FEATURES OF OUR INFORMATION SYSTEM 5 HOW ADPIE NURSING INFORMATION SYSTEM WORKS 7 SAFETY AND SECURITY 11 TRAINING 13 COST 14 CONCLUSION 15 APPENDICES 16 REFERENCE OBJECTIVE Design Nursing Information Systems for your unit. Ensure you include features and components of the system, as well as training and staff needs for this system. Address issues such as information security, data storage, maintenance and backup systems. Be creative in your design as you would have to highlight the benefits of this system in a presentation to your Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO). INTRODUCTION A nursing information system supports the use and documentation of nursing processes and activities and provides tools for managing the delivery or nursing care. For an effective nursing information system two goals must be accomplished. * The system must support the way that nurses function, allowing them to view data, collect necessary information provide quality client care, and document the client’s condition and the care that was given. * It also must support and enhance nursing practice through improved access to information and tools such as online literature databases, drug information and hospital policy and procedure guidelines. Our system ADPIE (assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementing and evaluation) took these goals into consideration in order to develop the system for the benefit of nurses. We worded together with the nurses of ward three to find out the needs of the nurses for better management of

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