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Nursing Informatics 1. Yes, I believe Sue has violated ethical principles because she copied patient charts and took them home to finish her assignment which was for a school project. I feel Sue was faced with a moral dilemma. A moral dilemma occurs when some evidence indicates that an act is morally right and some evidence indicates the act is morally wrong, in her case she works for the facility but is also a student and this can cause ethical confusion. 2. Yes, I do feel that Sue has violated an ethical principle by collecting patient data for employee performance evaluations. Using a chart as a reference when collecting information for an employee review is not acceptable. When doing an employee review you need to take into consideration their work ethics; including interpersonal relationships, absenteeism, and quality of work. You cannot get this information from patient charts. 3. Sue should have kept her work and school separate, she should have stayed at the hospital and gathered all the data necessary for her assignment and finished her paperwork at home. Taking charts home was a HIPPA violation and could possibly get Sue not only terminated from her job but also dismissed from her nursing program. 4. Sue should pass out peer evaluations and self-evaluations to each employee. She should not base her evaluations solely on information gathered from patient charts. Another thing Sue could do is hand out comment cards to patients and have them fill them out grading employees

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