Nursing In High Demand Essay

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Nursing in High Demand The nursing industry has always been an active industry requiring skills that are beyond the average skill an average worker possesses. The needs of nurses today still is a prevalent issue and in many states a matter of necessity to keep the healthcare field working efficiently. In Wyoming the nursing needs now and in the future will steadily increase and the availability of them will fail to keep up. The estimates by the Wyoming Department of Employment are staggering in my opinion. There a many factors that influence the supply and demand for nurses. On the supply end of the spectrum the most significant influence is the training needed to become a nurse. In Wyoming a plausible reason for the shortage of nurses is the geographical location, since a majority of Wyoming is considered rural the difficulty in recruiting and retaining nurses can be more difficult due to the differences in pay from rural to metropolitan health care facilities. These factors and many others can account for the trend of low supply not meeting high demands. The labor supply in particular for RN’s in Wyoming can be based on the number of graduating nurses from Wyoming universities in addition to the amount of nurses who register to practice in the state. Statistics showed in 2002 there was a decline of 33.2% in these areas in the last decades (Glover, 2002). Demand for nurses in the country and more pinpointed in Wyoming can be attributed to the rapid aging of the population. The increase in age for a large part of the population accounts for many different offerings in a health care facility. The likelihood of older generations suffering from chronic illnesses is much more likely versus a younger one. These illnesses usually require specially trained individuals because of the needs of the patient usually last longer and is difficult to treat. The

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