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ORIGINAL ORAORY INTRODUCTION: When you think senior citizens what are some of the places you think old people would never want to go? The hospital, a room full of screaming kids? Well I think most of all it’s a nursing home. I mean who wants to be stuck in a nursing home with no freedom, and your family rarely coming to visit you? Then again being put in a nursing home can be very beneficial to the old person and their family. PREVIEW: I’d like to tell you a little bit about nursing homes and the typical stereotypes that come with them, the reasons to consider putting your loved ones in a nursing home; I’ll also tell you the benefits for you that could come out of it. MAIN PT1: Nursing homes are a long-term healthcare facility that provides full-time care and medical treatment for people who are unable to take care of themselves. There are 17000 Nursing homes in the US, and in Idaho there are 83, Idaho has 44 counties. So that’s almost two nursing homes per county. Stereotypes there are many stereotypes about nursing homes but most likely the most inaccurate one is that the people who work at these nursing homes are not qualified to do these jobs. It’s almost impossible to not be qualified to do this job all you really need is a high school diploma, Individuals interested in working in a nursing home as a healthcare or administrative professional should have the desire to care for the elderly. Workers are required to be in overall good health and are normally subject to state mandated disease and drug testing. Those employed in nursing homes must pass a criminal background and it is mandatory that healthcare professionals are current with certifications and licensures. Nursing home personnel must undergo patient and personal safety training and must follow proper procedures when caring for patients at all times. Another stereotype is that the people in

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