Nursing Fundamentals Essay

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The knowledge of foundations and history of nursing provide a way to show just how important change and evolving something for the better can be. Nursing has come a long way and change is important to better the career and the outcomes for patients. The dynamics of the workplace and nursing staff have since evolved from the foundation. The education involved in nursing has made major changes. The treatments, equipment, and technology used from the beginning to present day has also changed and improved. This is why we research and learn ways to better nursing education, treatments, equipment, and technology. We should shrive to better nursing as nurses ourselves. We all benefit from moving forward with change.
Nurses began as one of the lowest status in society. This was a job for those who could find income in no other way. Those commonly referred to as “undesirables” working as nurses were the beginning of a lengthy timeline to end with a career that now holds respect of many. Now the career of nursing includes females as well as males and from all ethnicities and races.
The education process in these early nursing times did not exist. It evolved with the help of several nursing leaders. Most commonly know is Florence Nightingale. She worked to change the sanitary conditions of hospital and advance education for nursing. Today there is several levels of education of nursing. Nursing degrees include associate and baccalaureate degrees where one can advance to nursing doctoral degrees.
Treatments have changed over time along side of the new equipment made available due to the latest technology. Some of the equipment and tools used in the past for medical treatment was quite scary looking and unsanitary. This includes knifes, saws, and augers. Now medical teams use scalpels and cyber knifes. Nurses even have the ability to do labs at bedside with point-of-care
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