Nursing Expertise Self-Report Scal

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Nursing Expertise Self Report Sheet
I am a RN. In my 8 years prior to receiving my ASN and 13 years post-graduation, I have an extensive amount of nursing knowledge and experience. The rating of 85, ascertained through the assessment tool, demonstrates my nursing proficiency. As shown by the tool, a nurse of this level works unnoticed, proving to easily manage and understand nursing practice concepts. As an autonomous nurse, delegation may be difficult, however, the practice of care proves to be easy (Hansten & Jackson, 2009). As I have worked through each level of nursing, I am competent and comfortable with my skills. Indeed, with my technical expertise, I have also gained the skills of critical thinking. Although I am not an experienced supervisor or have never been on a managerial level. I am confident of my teaching abilities. I look forward in sharing of my knowledge with other nurses and providing them with the essential tools of clinical expertise, to better organize and enhance their nursing experience. An active form of communication shapes a positive partnership between a team and its peers. Mentoring is an active form of communication and is an important collaborative relationship. True to the nurse I am, I possess the knowledge and skill to be an effective, self-confident mentor. Acting as a guide and facilitator of learning. My self-confidence allows for strong communication exemplifying the hard earned experience I have acquired. It also helps to avoid power struggles and dependent relationships, I can provide an empowering relationship, nurturing the mentor to a performance and level of accountability to support their confidence. I can further bring my values, talent and spirit to help shape the leaders of tomorrow. The gift of communication helps to rely our thoughts and feelings to others within our healthcare team. Developing

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