Nursing Evidence Based Practice

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Morgan Farmilo – 11492522 NRS296 – Discipline of Nursing 3: Inquiry and Research Assessment 1 – Critique of a Research Article Subject Coordinator – Annabel Matheson Due date – 22nd September 2014 Submission Date – 21th September 2014 In order for nurses to provide the best possible care for their patients they must utilize the concept of evidence based practice and understand the importance of research in nursing. But what is evidence based practice and how can we ensure that we are implementing it correctly in our career as a nurse? This essay will provide you with an overview of evidence based practice and demonstrate the importance of research through a critique of a recent article published in the journal of advanced nursing, titled “paediatric nurses adherence to the double-checking process during medication administration in a children’s hospital: an observational study.” (Alsulami, Choonara & Conroy, 2013). Evidence based practice can be defined as practice that is validated by clear, up to date rationale, taking into account your own personal judgement and the patients’ preferences (Aveyard…show more content…
Research is defined as the use of systematic inquiry methods to answer questions and problem solve (Polit & Beck, 2008). Research can sometimes be difficult to obtain, meaning, some areas that you wish to research could be seen as unethical, some studies may be inconclusive as to which method of practice is the best and sometimes there will just not be enough research evidence to help you decide which way to base your practice (Aveyard & Sharpe, 2009). There is heavy support for the use of evidence based practice within nursing (Polit & Beck, 2008) indicating that research is of fundamental importance to maintaining the best possible standards for nursing practice in regards to clinically appropriate actions, cost effective methods an positive patient experiences and
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