Nursing Ethics Essay

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Facing Ethical Challenges St. Louis Community College At Forest Park Angel Wilson Introduction In today’s society working as a newly developed registered nurse one can face many hurdles as they come upon their new work environment. While trying to grasp this major transition nurses can often find themselves in the mist of ethical dilemmas. There are in some cases policies of the healthcare institutions and the nurse’s personal professional ethics that can conflict with the clinical setting decision making. As we proceed with this paper you will be able to understand why as a graduate nurse these issues play a major role and their development. What helps new nurses transition and how as a new nurse you can use these experiences to grow as one enhances in their career. These findings can serve to deepen the understanding of the moral issues in the clinical areas. Graduating from a Register Nurse (RN) program is considered a great accomplishment too many nurses. Transitioning to a graduate nursing position can be extremely challenging for the average nurse. There are major changes that take place during this time frame. First of all, the actual transition from the class room to the clinical setting can be overwhelming. They need to know how to manage their time as well organize. Without the instructions of the clinical instructor new nurses are developing their own patient and new nurse relationships. Finally, ethical and moral decision making is particularly essential for the new graduate nurse. The first three months for a graduate can be the most stressful with a challenging environment. New Graduate nurses often have mixed emotions about the transition from the classroom to reality. Their thoughts can sometimes race and they have feelings of not being competent enough and lacking experience in many skills. New nurses may even have feelings of fear and

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