Nursing Ethics Essay

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Ethics Case Study Ann-Marie Mercurius University of Phoenix Nurses are sometimes placed in the position of making decisions which may impact their professional values and compromise their work ethics. “Nurses struggles daily with the interplay between ethical and legal concepts, often asking themselves if the legal rights of the patient is being protected while being sensitive to their ethical rights”(Guido, 2010, Preview section). They have a responsibility to their patients to meet their needs and their rights to quality care. She has to ensure that the legal and ethical rights of the patient are protected. A child presenting with unexplained bruising and trauma raises a red flag and the nurse has the responsibility use all necessary resources to explore the possibility of child abuse. “Ethics is the science relating to moral action and moral values, ethics is concern with motives, attitude and the relationship we have with each other”(Guido, 2010, Definition of Ethics and Value. p 1). An eight month old being brought by his mother to the emergency room with constant crying and pain and no explanation from his mother as to the cause of his injury needs a social worker intervention. She stated that she took the child from the daycare and the child kept crying for hours, no indication that she enquired about the child and the reason for the crying demonstrating a lack of acceptable behavior on her part. The doctor making the decision that there was no child abuse was not advocating for the patient; he cannot make a decision without exploring the psychosocial aspects of the patient’s life. The nurse has a dilemma in maintaining the patient confidentiality being in doubt as to the cause of the child’s injury. The nurse has to follow the principles of veracity; she has to encourage the mother to tell the truth. Enquire of her what measures did
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