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A Statement of Goals and Objectives University of Maryland, Baltimore I am passionate to become a nurse because I enjoy helping people who need the medical care and support. What inspired me to become a nurse? It is my own experience of getting a loving care at the Shady Grove Hospital where I delivered my baby. I was deeply touched by the care given to me by the nurses and their day to day work atmosphere of interacting with Doctors, patients, co-workers, and visitors of the hospital. Besides social work environment, other reasons why I am interested in the nursing field are (1) there are a lot of specialties to choose from (2) so many settings to work in (3) and healthy work environment. It’s all about choices and options and serving patients with all types of illnesses. Nursing is a career I can take pride in. It’s an opportunity to provide excellent health care to the patients and make a difference in their lives. Nursing is a career which involves life long learning and great deal of human interaction. And that’s one of the reasons why nursing is a perfect fit for me. After completing BSN degree from University of Maryland, School of Nursing (UMSON), my goal is to work as a nurse in the Emergency care unit. Working in the Emergency care unit, I will have opportunity to provide care to the patients who experience wide range of actual or potential life-threatening illness, injury, or crisis. What inspires me the most about working in the emergency care unit is my own experience where I had to take my daughter to the emergency unit at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC for the treatment of her hand burns. I was deeply touched by the roles and responsibilities of nurses working in the emergency unit. My long term goal is to advance nursing career by becoming a Nurse Practitioner through further training and education. As a Nurse

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