Nursing Commitment Essay

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What defines an underserved community? What experiences have you had that have prepared you to work with underserved populations? What is an underserved community? There is no precise definition. Five population groups are typically underserved. They are those with low income, the disabled, geographically isolated people, those with limited literacy, and residents of long term facilities. Patients with family incomes below 200% of the federal poverty line account for the largest group of underserved individuals. Patients with medical disabilities or chronic illnesses have difficulty traveling out of their homes, and consequently have trouble finding care. Patients residing in an isolated area will have a harder time finding medical help. New immigrants have language and cultural barriers to overcome to access healthcare. Patients confined to residential settings such as prison, nursing homes, and chronic care facilities are provided with limited healthcare. Also, most residents are too poor to obtain private healthcare. One particular community that I have experience with is the mentally and physically disabled. Funding for this group is hard to come by, and most of these individuals are unable to work. The individuals that are able to work get paid minimum wage and work only a few hours a day. The clients I work with do not have much money and live off of the money they receive from the government. I enjoy going to work knowing that I am making an impact on their lives. When I started working for the Arc of Carroll County, it was for a paycheck. However; after working with my clients on a weekly basis, I have grown to love what I do and would enjoy doing it as a volunteer. I look forward to seeing them progress and live. Whether it’s taking them to physical therapy or church, there is nothing I would rather do then work with the disabled

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