Nursing Care for a Patient with Dementia

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Nursing Care for Patient with Dementia By Erica Clark

To gain a better understanding of the effects of Dementia on a patient and caregiver

1. Define Dementia and the pathophysiology of the disease.
2. Describe the manifestations of Dementia in a patient and the effects of the signs and symptoms in activities of daily living.
3. Identify nursing interventions related to patients primary and secondary diagnosis.

Client Information and Data

Date of Assessment: 4/23/15
Patient Initials: A.B. Room Number: 158 Age: 89 Gender: Female Date of Admission: 6/10/2013 Food Allergies: NKFA
Medication Allergies: Penicillin, Sulfas, Codeine Height: 65” Weight: 81 lbs.
Occupation: Widowed, Mother Advanced Directives: No Code, DNR

Medical History
Reason for Hospitalization:
89 year old female patient was originally admitted long term to
M.P.T.F. for pneumonia and the following:
Primary Diagnosis:
1. Continue treatment for Dementia
2. Continue treatment for Depressive Disorder
3. Continue aftercare for healing of traumatic hip fracture

Health History Past and Current:

The patient was admitted with pneumonia and remains on palliative care.
The patients admitting history and physical in June of 2013 indicate a history of hip fractures, hip replacement, vertebroplasties, thymectomy,eye surgery, herniography, dementia, Parkinsons, depression, myasthenia gravis,osteoporosis, and anxiety.
No other history is available in the chart or could be obtained from the patient during assessment.

Current Medical Diagnoses:
1. Dementia
2. Parkinsons

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