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Nursing is a very exciting and rewarding career. It has been around ever since the beginning of time and is a well known and needed job. In this field you are able to assist doctors in their quest to help and heal patients. Not only do I think nursing would be the right career for me, I also look at it as an oppurtunity to help the sick and needy and would love to be able to make a difference. Nursing has been around ever since the beginning of time. It got its meaning from the Latin word nutricius which means nourishing. Long before nursing was a profession it was viewed as a role of caring for the family. War has had the greattest influence on the history of nursing. Nurses were desprately needed to help heal soldiers in battle. In particular a woman named Florence Nightingale saved the lives of many soldiers by writing books and papers on nursing and she developed new standards for hygiene. It was because of her experiences with war that helped new training schools for nursing to develop. The history of nursing shows that nursing, whether formal or informal, has a needed place in our socitey today. The three typical educational paths that registered nurses can take are a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing (BSN), an associate degree in nursing (AND), and a diploma. A bachelors degree in nursing are usually offered my most colleges and universities and take four years to complete. An associate degree in nursing usually take around two or three years to complete and are offered by community and junior colleges. Diploma programs last three years and are givin in hospitals. To be effective in the field of nursing, nurses should sustain many personal characteristics that will allow them to provide consistent, quality treatment for the patients that they come into contact with.

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