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Exam 1 study guide. Spirit of Nursing Statue: What influenced nursing education and practice? Theorists: Martha Rogers-Science of Unitary Human Beings : helping the client unit attain an increasing complex balance and synchronicity with the universe. Dorthea Orem- Self-Care Deficit Model : Nursing facilities client self-care by measuring the clients deficit relative to self-care needs. Hildegard Peplau- Interpersonal relations model explores the interpersonal relationship of the nurse and the client and identifies the clients feelings as a predictor of positive outcomes. Madeleine Leininger- Transcultural nursing and caring nursing; concepts are aimed toward caring and the components of a culture care theory; diversity, universality, worldview, and ethno history are essential to (care, caring, health and nursing) What is Medicare? How and when did it get started? Medicare program provides hospital insurance, part A, and medical insurance, part B, to all people 65 years age and older who are eligible to receive Social Security benefits. Passed in 1965 to insure wellness in the public at or below federal poverty level. Know the difference and definitions of: Concept: An idea or general impression. Construct: Philosophy: Values and beliefs of the discipline Model: What is Informed Consent? The physician or advanced practice nurse has a duty to disclose information so that the patient can make intelligent decisions. What is the Nurse Reinvestment Act of 2002? Signed into law by President George W. Bush to address the nursing shortage and significant fundind is obtained for geriatric nursing initiatives. What are the nursing labor stats predictions by 2020? It is projected to be to grow faster than the average of all occupations. You need to know the following people and what they did: Mary Breckinridge: Established

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