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You are assigned the challenge of designing the training program for the temporary CSS employees, who must complete training before they become permanent CSS employees. 1. What are the training objectives for the CSS training program? Indicate how these objectives are tied to the KSA requirements. Assume that all trainees have college degrees but need KSAs in all other areas listed in the Qualifications section. The training objectives of the CSS training program are to develop supervisory skills, computing skills required for word processing, and spreadsheet applications. In addition, there would be the training objective of teaching the candidates the ability to read, write and interpret instructions. The training objectives will be to teach communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and conflict management skills. The training objective will be to make the participants familiar with knowledge and understanding of university. These training objectives are intrinsically tied to the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the position. Consider this; the position requires receiving supervision, and the skills to supervise, so the training objective is to develop supervisory skills. The position requires the use of work processing and spreadsheet applications use, so the training objective is to teach them work processing and spread sheet applications. The position requires the candidates to communicate complex polices, so the training objective is to teach them reading, writing, and interpreting skills. Similarly, the position requires the communication of complex policies, so there is a training objective of teaching the candidates communications skills. Similarly, the post requires problem-solving and conflict management, so the training objectives are to provide problem-solving and conflict management skills. 2. On the basis of the training

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