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Sunday Olaleye Grand Canyon University NSR 451V August 24, 2014 Leadership and Management in Nursing Shortage and Nurses Turnover At one point or the other, of our lives, we all played a role of a leader and manager. Many approaches to leadership and managerial styles of leading, and the two terms were sometimes used interchangeably in addition with the fact that some people share the belief that the two terms are the same, while some believe that they are opposites of each other. They are both important for the success of any organization, and when we look at their functions, someone can be successful in both roles. The main purpose of this presentation is to define and discuss the qualities of good leadership and management styles as it’s related to the shortage of nursing and nurse turnover. Also to compare and contrast how the author (student) would expect nursing leaders and mangers to approach nursing shortage and nurses turnover views the crisis of nursing shortage using principles, theories, roles, and skills of the leader versus mangers and to nursing and leadership method. The two terms (leadership and management) are often compared, and it is obvious that they are not the same in the real sense of it when we analyze their characteristics; but interrelated and linked. Some people possess both qualities or skills, while some good with one more than the other. The two terms are much interwoven and there are not too many differences between them. A leader is someone who holds interpersonal expertise to influence others to complete an assignment or goal set, while in the other hand a manager is the one who is liable and responsible for accomplishing the assignment or goals of the establishment (Kelly, 2008). An effective leader may not be the best at management, and vice-versa, the manager may not in turn be an effective leader. Managers tend to be

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