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Viqtee Daniel SLS 1103 Suzie Davis December 1, 2013 Nursing A Nursing career is said to be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling yet challenging careers in the medical field. The decision to become a Registered Nurse is a personal choice and may be made based on different reasons. The education and training for a career such as this requires great personal sacrifice, determination and focus. My Interviewee, Kavon Samuel, a Registered Nurse, provided great insight into her career choice via phone, the training, rewards and challenges associated with Nursing. A childhood dream of Mrs. Samuel’s was nursing, as a matter of fact, it was her childhood passion. She recalled, “I used to admire the nurses that worked at the hospital adjacent to my middle school in the West Indies.” Her educational journey of earning a Bachelors of Science in Nursing was suggested by her father; however she decided instead to pursue an Associates of Science in Nursing. Nurse Samuel reports having to change her major from Nursing to Psychology as the courses were extremely difficult in her second year of college. She decided to revisit her Nursing major after feeling uneasiness and sadness of abandoning her childhood dream. Having obtained her Associates degree, she later earned her Bachelors of Science in Nursing. The skills needed to perform her Nursing duties were learned in school as well as a great deal on the job. A few skills learned in school were: making a bed while the patient is in it, bathing the patient in bed, changing wound dressings, Foley insertions and how to prioritize patients. She completed a critical care program to become a Progressive Care Nurse in the Neurology unit, subsequently receiving more specialized on the job training for the Neurology patient population. A number of additional skills were learned on the Neurology unit such as putting on a cervical

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