Nursing Essay

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The reason I would like to become a professional nurse is because I believe I have a passion for taking care of others and being there for them when they are in need, whether it be a family member, close friend, or even an acquaintance. It will make me feel like a hero in a way, knowing that I can use my knowledge and abilities to potentially save someone’s life. There will always be a need for nurses, however, I sometimes feel as if people go into this profession for the wrong reasons. A great majority of the world willingly allows money control their way of life, and think of themselves as being trapped in a financial cage. Don’t get me wrong, you can receive great earnings by becoming a nurse, but that truly shouldn’t be the main reason people opt into that career. I believe nursing is about simply helping others and making them happy at the same time. I do realize that the profession of nursing is most definitely unglamorous and demanding both mentally and physically, that nurses work long shifts, that they spend most of their working hours on their feet, and that they take care of not only the patient themselves but everyone who comes along with the patient. All that hassle is worth it in my eyes. I want to be able to go home after a long day and think about how I may have made a difference in a person’s precious life. I want that feeling of gratification after I happily do my job to help and comfort someone in their time of need, and after working with some of the most intellectually gifted people in the world, of course. I want to put my hard work and dedication into the job that I love. The area of nursing which interests me now is the neonatal aspect which is a specialty of nursing that includes working with newborn infants born with a variety of problems ranging from prematurity, birth defects, infection, cardiac malformations, and surgical problems. I

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