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Sister Callista Roy’s adaptation model: • 5 elements - person, goal of nursing, nursing activities, health and environment • Persons are viewed as living adaptive systems whose behaviors may be classified as adaptive responses or ineffective responses. • These behaviors are derived from regulator and cognator mechanisms. • These mechanisms work within 4 adaptive modes. • The goal of nursing is to promote adaptive responses in relation to 4 adaptive modes, using information about person’s adaptation level, and various stimuli. • Nursing activities involve manipulation of these stimuli to promote adaptive responses. • Health is a process of becoming integrated and able to meet goals of survival, growth, reproduction, and mastery. • The environment consists of person’s internal and external stimuli. Alligood, M. R., & Tomey, A. M. (2010). Nursing theorists and their work (7th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Mosby Elsevier The two theories I chose are Unitary Human Beings (Martha Rogers) and Self Care Deficit (Dorthea Orem). When broken down to their most basic ideas, I think the two theories are very different and yet consist of the same thing. It is amazing to me that when you look at the specifics of two very different approaches, they seem to come to similar conclusions. I like Orem's theory and look forward to studying it further. Basically, I think her theory states that all individuals are responsible for their own care until they experience something that leaves them with a "self care deficit". At this point they require nursing intervention which would require a relationship between nurse and patient. I realize this is a very simplistic summary of her theory, but for this discussion, I believe it will suffice. When I first ready Martha Rogers theory of Unitary Human Beings, I really thought she was "out there". I seem to be somewhat closed off

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