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1. Identify what nursing assessments your patient requires during your shift and provide rationales of why. ASSESMENT: Assess pain levels and burn severity, including depth of tissue damage and the percentage of body coverage, in order to report any changes to the doctor. Rationales: Ensuring adequate pain relief allows the body to focus on healing rather than stress reactions to pain (Kiecolt-Glaser, J.). Determining burn severity assesses the levels of patient’s tissue damage and whether there has been further damage since admission. It also indicates possible change in treatment requirements if the blisters are oozing or have changed in size or broken. These changes may include creams, ointments (prescribed) and dressings required. Assessing the coverage of skin damage indicates the areas that may be of greater concern as these may develop into further problems including increased risk of infection due to burn on soles of feet causing immobilisation, and increased risk of infection due to skin breakage. ASSESMENT: Conduct a Patient history including first and secondary information. RATIONALES: Patient history is crucial to producing an adequate treatment plan according to (Taylor, C. Lillis, C and LeMone, P). It is essential to obtain a detailed description of the patient’s and/or family’ recollection of how the injury occurred and what was done immediately after. Assessing the patient’s regular fluid and food intake and toleration is essential in achieving adequate nutrition to optimise healing. The patient health history, including lifestyle choices including whether a Smoker is also important as this increases the risk of DVT and possible decrease in lung function. Understanding the level of family support available will aid in returning patient to stable physical and emotional state after discharge. ASSESMENT: Conduct routine OBS and

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