Nurses Lightning Up Essay

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Running head: ARE NURSES LIGHTING Are Nurses Lighting Up? Sharon Cave Immaculata University The following research article “Registered Nurses smoking behaviors and their attitudes to personal cessation” is a research study that was performed in July and August of 2007 in Victoria, Australia. The aim of this research is to evaluate the behaviors of nurses regarding their attitudes towards smoking. Nurses play an important role in counseling patients in either reducing or eliminating the act of smoking and delivering the teachings of smoking cessation via verbal or reading material. The normal outcome would be patients adhering to the ramifications of smoking cessation. This problem is important to nursing and nursing practice because nurses are perceived to be educators of the medical field. So the significance of patient teaching is critical information if our own nurses are currently smoking. The major dilemma is patients are admitted and discharged in the hospital setting and it is unfortunate if one of our respected nurse colleague’s is a smoker and impressionable patients observe this behavior, it could cause non-belief in patient teaching. As the largest group of health professionals nurses have an important role of caring for the undeserved. Nurses are the essential player, in helping patients achieve smoking cessation. The theoretical framework or conceptual model that guided this research was smoking among nurses as a barrier and trying to tackle that barrier with the delivery of patient smoking interventions and to decrease tobacco usage. “In Australia, smoking is the single largest cause of preventable illness, disability and premature death” (Mathers et al. 2001). The literature of the study was supported through

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