Nurses Gone Digital

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Nurses are Medically Digital
Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing and started the rise of nurses when she took care of the wounded soldiers during the Crimean War in 1854. Nursing then further advanced after the World War II into a profession. The form of sterilization in the 1900s was to place needles, sutures, and equipment into boiling water. Nowadays, with the new technology, nurses dispose of needles and sanitize hospital equipment by using sanitizer machines to decrease the risk of transmitting any diseases such as AIDS. Without technology, most nurses would probably still use leeches to help cure sicknesses instead of a simple medication pill. Nursing will always be the field where technology has a big impact on the way nurses do their jobs. The Institute of Medicine identified technology as a viable method of enhancing patient care delivery and improving staff productivity. These advancements in technology nowadays are being presented in our society for it brings a flame of hope to make our lives easier. The Nurses’ main niche is to provide care and emotional support to the patients. Working as a nurse, I do consider technology a blessing to the nursing profession.
Technology’s advancement has definitely affected the nursing field in a multitude of ways to make their jobs easier. Computers make nurse’s work load more organized and efficient. Gabot 2
The stacks of patient’s medical records are now being replaced with a computer in which makes it easier for nurses to access their patient’s medical history. Not only does computer technology help nurses with seeing records, but it also helps assist in their daily functions, such as checking and monitoring patient’s care. The use of computer technology rather than a pen and paper is the most important advancement made in the nursing profession because it is more efficient and it

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