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Nursery runaway It was a sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, brutal, boiling and burning weather. So hot that it was even painful to just wipe the sweat of my forehead. I start feeling dizzy as kids around me keep doing the same thing; it felt to me as though we were all clones in a evil, spooky and secret prison. I look around and the one thing that catches my eye is an open gate. I was four years old at the time, just a little kid, all I did was sleep, eat and watch TV, which for me was the perfect life, but not for my mum. She started to feel that I was too lazy and didn’t have enough exercise, friends or hobbies; she wanted me to get out there, so she chooses to take me to a nursery. My first day was hard, I was sleeping like a baby, when suddenly the bright light woke me up, that was my mum waking me up to go to nursery, it was at that time that I though, waking up this early must be hell on earth. As I struggle to keep my eyes open, my mum puts cloths on me, feeds me and takes me to the door. As we walk to the nursery, the streets were so empty, deserted and scary. When we finally got to the nursery, my mum took me to my class, and there I met my new and first teacher, and my classmates. Towards the afternoon the temperature began to rise tremendously, so our teacher decided that it was a good idea for as to play outside on the climbing frames, swings and sandbox. Boy was she wrong. After all the heat and me feeling dizzy, I saw a open gate and a opportunity to get out of there, and I took it. I ran out of the gate without being seen, it was like the perfect getaway, and I had it all figured out. My plan was to run back home, go to my room and just sleep. But there was one problem with my plan, I didn’t know were my house

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