Nursery And Landscaping, Inc: Case Study

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April 3, 2012 Mr. Tom Teas President Teas Nursery & Landscaping, Inc. Dear Mr. Teas: As an employee in the accounting department for 5 years now, I have noticed that while revenue for the company has remained the same over that period of time, we have actually experienced a decline in our repeat business. Because I believe in the quality of our work and want to make contributions when I see the opportunity, I would like to offer some insight on how I think we can increase our net monthly revenue by addressing this issue. Based on the information I have available to me, the causes of the decline appear to be related to a bottle neck in our design and installation activities. Specifically based on the current available workforce,…show more content…
Unfortunately, this issue is forcing us to reschedule clients to a later time that are wanting simple clean ups and refreshing installations only. This of course means we are losing easy profit! There is no need to put these small scale installations on the back burner or decline these services all together. Providing a Designer with his/her own crew for these particular clients will not only improve our customer satisfaction we will also gain a quicker profit turn around. This is the right time to steer towards a different approach within our Landscaping Department. We have an amazing team here at Teas who’s hard work and dedication has given Teas Landscaping a very productive and busy spring season. There is no denying the fact the heavy work load and scheduling cannot continue to stress our working environment when a simple solution to a reoccurring problem can balance out everything from consulting, estimating bids, design and installation. We could definitely improve our turnaround time for all installations big and small. I will be happy to meet with you at your convenience and discuss further thoughts, ideas and feedback to improve our office environment and installation services. I look forward to hearing from

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