Nurse Turnover Case Study

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Turnover is high at almost every facility where nurses are employed. Identify and discuss the aspects of nursing make turnover for nurses higher than for many other jobs. The turnover for nurses is higher due to several different aspects within their job duties and responsibilities, and job dissatisfaction is a primary reason that’s been documented for nurse retention problems. Job dissatisfaction may play a crucial role in determining the extent of future nurse shortages, due to surveys that showed a decrease in job satisfaction, and a high portion of respondents have reported increased pressure to accomplish work, the need to work overtime, and stress related illness. A recent Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals survey found that half of the currently employed nurses who were surveyed had considered leaving the patient-care field for reasons other than retirement over the past 2 years, and 56 percent indicated that they wanted a less stressful and physically demanding job (Holl & Hines, 2000). The 2000 IOM study of quality…show more content…
Country General can implement several changes that may cause a decrease in nurse turnover, by improving wages and benefits develop additional training and opportunities for career advancement, and additional employee supports, including improved work environments, job skills, and social supports that can help eliminate stressful working environments. Determine how County General can work strategically with other hospitals to reduce nurse turnover. County General can advise that the other hospitals implement these programs as well. Also taking feedback from the nurses to find out what they would like to see improved or changed would also be a good way to strategically work with other hospitals, and all nurses are satisfied with all new
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