Nurse Staffing Affects Patient Outcomes

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Deborah D. Robinson
Portfolio Assignment 4: Practice Summary Critique
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR505 Advanced Research Methods
Dr. Brown-Instructor
April 7, 2012

Practice Summary Handout: [Staffing Affects Patient Outcomes]
Student: Deborah Robinson Title of the Handout | Reference: | Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2003) The Effect of Health Care Working Conditions on Patient Safety. Evidence Report/Technology Assessment. 74 ( 5) April 7, 2012 retrieved from, D.H., Severance, S., Feldstein, A., Ray, L., Gorman, P., Shuldheis, S., Hersh, W.R., Krages, K.P., & Helfand, M. 3 Results. Evidence on
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Scope and Purpose. What are the scope and purpose of this document? The scope and purpose of this document is to review the effects of patient outcomes based on nurse staffing. The article provides evidence related to the number of nurses staffed on a unit affects the care of the patient. There were 26 studies done that proved inadequate staffing, resulted in increased workload caused an increase in medical errors and adverse patient outcomes. The study was based on observational study that revealed adverse patient outcomes are due to nurse workloads, professional qualifications and staffing. 2. What are the objectives, question, and target population (patients, consumers, students, etc.)? In other words, who are the recipients of the services outlined in the document? The target population involves the nursing staff and patient. Hickman et al (2003) found that the effects of patient outcomes is based on the working conditions of the unit which included the workforce staffing, workflow design, personal, social factors, physical environment, and organizational factors. There were six key questions in the study used to prove that the complexity of nursing responsibility provides evidence to show that the nurse workload and job responsibilities affect the outcomes of the patients questions that was asked in the study: * “How nursing workload affects patient outcomes and patient safety? * “Does nursing workload affect the rate of medical errors? * Does the…show more content…
Application. What are potential barriers to implementing the recommendations? Lack of support from leadership to support change and improve staffing. 5. What are potential costs of following the recommendations? Increase cost due to the number of nurses needed for each work area could be costly due to increase of high qualified nurses. 6. How would you measure whether outcomes would be improved if the recommendations were carried out? If the recommendations were carried out the use of experimental design would be a sufficient study due to the hypotheses will be concerned with the improvement of the patient care.

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