Nurse Practitioner V.S Physician Assistant Essay

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Nurse practitioners and physician assistants each play an important role in health care, and in some ways the two professions are practically indiscernible. Both NPs and PAs typically see patients independently, diagnose and treat medical conditions and sometimes prescribe medications. Regardless of this, NPs and PAs are two very different career groups, and their differences can change everything from how they train to how much they will earn. Nurse Practioners and Physician Assistants vary from the education, earnings and career trends that define each career tittle. Mary Jo Goolsby once told The Washington Post that both PAs and NPs are important members of the health care team. Their differences may not matter very much to patients in a career output, but to other clinicians, they can specifically differentiate them. Some of these differences are: Both NPs and PAs must earn graduate degrees, all states recognize PAs; but most states recognize NPs, NPs and PAs are paid about the same, NPs and PAs are both in demand, and NPs and PAs each have a specific licensing and certification requirements and processes. The nurse practitioners and physicians assistants may seem quite similar on the surface because of the similar shared duties. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, both NPs and PAs perform the following tasks: Reviewing and updating patients' medical histories, examining patients, diagnosing and treating medical problems, ordering tests, educating patients about their health, researching the latest treatments, and technologies impacting their fields. NPs and PAs serve as primary care providers, they can specialize in a variety of areas in medicine, like Obstetrics, pediatric medicine, emergency care and even psychiatry. Both professionals can also work independently, though they may at times report to doctors, surgeons and other PhD medical

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