Nurse Practitioner Case Study

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The clinical career path for nurse practitioners is increasing: What value do these nurses bring to the health system in Australia and what is the scope of their practice? Introduction A ‘Nurse Practitioner’ (NP) has been defined as “a registered nurse with the capability to practice autonomously and collaboratively with other health professions” (Mosby’s Dictionary of Medicine p. 2010). NPs must complete a , Master’s degree in education, as approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (Australian Nursing Federation 2011). [you need to signal that you are going to review the history and development of NPs] The role of a NP is to provide cost effective care and safe accessible treatment and to improve of health care and…show more content…
The AETC have established the SoP for ENPs around the model of care (MOC) (Lowe 2010 p) that was based upon the Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) cited in the Alfred Health website (2012). The areas in the SoP involve prescribing medications, ordering tests, diagnosing results and admitting and discharging patients (Lowe 2010 p). The assessment of minor injuries or illnesses and initiation of treatments are also part of the ENP’s SoP (Lowe 2010 p). Lastly required at the AETC the ENP must also attend educational classes with other ED medical staff, and further additional classes that will identify the gaps between the ENP’s skill and knowledge and own professional development (Lowe 2010 p80). In comparison, Fry’s research (2011, p58) indicated that the NP in the critical care department (CCD) have separated areas which are adult, paediatric and neonate, however all three areas can fall under the same SoP. The SoP (Fry 2011, p64) involves around direct patient assessments, research of the injury or illness, complex monitoring and therapies of high intensity interventions and care focused by highly acute technology (Association of critical care 2011 p12). NPs in the CCD also follow up with post-intensive care discharge, intensive care retrieval and transfers, and follow up on outpatient care (Fry 2011,

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